Life’s Rhythms specializes in making life’s unforgettable events and moments more spiritually fulfilling and rewarding. Our clergy, Nancy Ginsberg, has helped numerous families add an extra element of spiritual dimension to a range of unique celebrations as well as life’s more challenging times, including baby namings, tutoring, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, wedding ceremonies,  funerals, and memorial services.

Cantor Ginsberg will share key life experiences with fellow community members as well as the unaffiliated, who are looking to make a connection and have a meaningful ceremony. She provides compassion and solace for those going through difficult times and can support you and your family through some of life’s most difficult transitions. Cantor Ginsberg will work with people from a myriad of backgrounds, as she fully recognizes and respects the life cycle needs of unaffiliated Jews, interfaith families, and same sex couples. In fact, she tailors her services to each family’s specific needs, remaining cognizant of Jewish traditions and teachings.

If you are looking for Clergy in Baltimore, Maryland or the surrounding areas, please give her a call. She is also available for destination weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies. Cantor Ginsberg would love to assist you in creating meaningful life moments as well as helping you create the life you want.  

In addition Cantor Ginsberg is a certified Executive and Life Coach.  Working with Cantor Ginsberg can help you recognize and break through what is holding you back from manifesting the success you seek in your business and your personal life. Coaching is a healthy, positive, and enabling process that’s helps you develop the capacity to solve today’s business and personal issues that may be holding you back.

“When you call on Life Rhythms, you can count on us

to be in your life whenever and however you need us.”